My passion for vintage clothing and aesthetic began in elementary school. I loved resale shopping and sporting unique vintage items that I knew no one else could get. Nothing could beat the feeling of honoring an article of clothing that had undoubtedly been around longer than I had.


Flash forward to high school, where I got the spark to to create unique clothing for my community and myself. I was introduced to sewing and began playing around with clothing, taking them apart to see how they fit together, paint on them, turn a shirt into a pair of shorts, or a purse. I saw was opportunity in seemingly ordinary pieces, and transforming them into something completely unique.


They could be better! They could get REVAMPED.


To cultivate my talent, my mother sent me to a local sewing teacher who taught me

the basics and how to read and follow patterns.


I wanted to do things my way! I didn't want to use new material and boring pattern designs!


Luckily, my teacher cultivated my desire and taught me to get started on my ‘Revamping’ journey. Since each piece presents its own challenges, I have the opportunity to play, problem solve, and learn from mistakes to build the skills I have today.


Over the years, I’ve noticed how shockingly bad the issue of textile waste has become. A recent study in Ontario concluded 85% of discarded textiles end up in a landfill site - meaning just 15% are recycled or reused. In a single year, Canada produces enough textile waste--clothing and other goods like upholstery--to create a mountain three times the size of Toronto's Sky Dome.


Why waste, when we can reuse what we have? Why struggle to find and pay for new items when we can make our old items new again?


The best way to minimize our waste is to shop less. You don't need to purchase something new to participate in the latest trends. Instead, come to someone like me and have your wardrobe ‘Revamped!’


I've been breathing new life in to old clothing for years.

Work with me and let’s gut your closet, and revamp your style!


All Revamped products are one of a kind , made from previously loved materials

Photo Cred : Tristin Kennedy
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